Slammin 4 soldiers 2016 (s4s 2k16)

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Jan 24, 2016
hey every one i just wanted to throw this up for any one who hasnt heard yet. wer putting on a show in the dayton ohio area this year on august 20 2016. its going to be a joint MECA and ISPLL event presented in partnership with xplicit audio and team quiet. a MECA 1x show and a ISPLL 3x. we have alot of great sponsors helping us this year who are donating some NICE gear to the show for raffle prizes. all the money we raise is going to be donated to the gary sinise foundation, a charity that helps disabled veterans. this is the 3rd annual show and we want to keep this beast rolling as long as possible. it gits bigger every year and this year is no different. team quiet (937) is putting this one on and for the first time xplicit audio is now partnering with us to do this show. there will be food and drinks so no need to worry about that. just bring yourself to dayton in august and compete or just hang out with us and make this show a good 1. wer gitting more sponsors every week and the raffles just keep gitting better. if you want to donate to the cause and cant make it to the show we have a go-fund-me page set up for the show to. so if you want you can go there and give up some of that hard earned $, its all being donated. theres going to be some loud rides there and i hear a certain loud company from brazil is gonna make a possible appearance. but here is the links to the show and a list of sponsors so far.


Toolmakers Metalworkz

Reactor Audio

Home City Ice

Quiet Cuts.

Synergy Mobile Audio

Twisted Sounds

Diode Dynamics

The Soundworks

Team Ghosted Muzik

Addictive Audio, Inc.




Sims Audio Solutions

xplicit audio

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Jan 24, 2016
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ok nadbl ( has just signed on to be part of this show. now we have 3 formats for people to compete in.


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