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Dec 12, 2004
Hey everyone,

The store I work for in Bloomington, Landmark Mobile Customs, is helping to put on a show in Bloomington on July 24th, at Karst Farm Park. Here are some more details. The show is being put on by Just Clownin' Car Club and Visual Alterations and we are putting on the sound-off.

Sunday July 24th

$15 To Enter, Spectators are FREE (everyone likes free stuff right)

Registration is from 8 A.M.-NOON

Awards @ 5 P.M.

There will be over 25 Lowrider, Euro, and Truck Classes. We are putting on the sound-off with the AC mic and there is also a Hydro Competition. Live music will be playing all day long. There are door prizes and giveaways. A Dunk-A-Cop booth is set up for entertainment purposes // . There is going to be coverage by Gauge Magazine at the show. //

Here are the classes(mild and wild are seperate classes if noted):

1.) '69 and down Lowrider (mild and wild)

2.) '70-'84 Lowrider (mild and wild)

3.) '85 and up Lowrider (mild and wild)

4.) Impala

5.) G-Body

6.) Cadillac

7.) Honda/Acura (mild and wild)

8.) Dodge/Mitsubishi (mild and wild)

9.) Ford/Chevy (mild and wild)

10.) Nissan/Toyota/Suburu (mild and wild)

11.) Tuner

12.) SUV/Van/Full-Size (mild and wild)

13.) Mini-Truck Domestic (mild and wild)

14.) Mini-Truck Foreign (mild and wild)

15.) Bikes and Trikes

16.) Motorcycles

Hydro Competition Classes:

1.) Single Pump

2.) Double Pump

3.) Car/Truck Dance

Cash prizes are going to be awarded in the Hydro Competition.

For more information call Chris "Nuk" Hansford, owner of Just Clownin Car Club, at 812-824-7884.




bhsswrstlr Elite
10+ year member
Dec 12, 2004
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my bad...mods please move this to the show section. thanks


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