RE SE? D2? What amp and sub for under $500


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Im looking to get a sub and amp for under $500. I have been thinking about the RE se and the magnum D2 both in 12". I listen to all kinds of music but i want it to have good SPL and SQ. I want it to be able to get really loud. Im going to put it in a ported box. What amp and sub would suggest that would equal less than $500?

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A popular amplifier choice with Magnum D2's is the Hifonics Brutus series amplifiers. I think that shoots you over your $500 mark by a few bucks, but it will deliver a lot of power and has good features.


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what about your power acoustik amps AudioGuy
haha, power acoustik is awesome, because thats best buy quality. audiobahn is even better because they have them at circuit city. i can't come up with anything for the P5's though. that's just stupid. the hifonics is a good suggestion...worth going over your budget for.


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Dont hate on audiobahn amps! Yeah they r flashy n r sold at circuit city but i have an A8000T running my type r 12's (also can be bought at circuit city) and it SLAMS! The birthsheet said 855 at a 2 ohm load so it is just a lil bit underrated. This amp has never gotten hot or shut off the the sq is awesome. Yes the subs **** if u have any sq in mind but dont hate on the amps.


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I always hear a lot of people raggin on Power Acoustik, and will agree that in the past, they have not been that great of quality(even for the price),but being that P.A. is/has merged with Soundstream, I have a feeling there will not be quite as much raggin...Also I can agree Sony subs are kinda crappy, but they still make high quality HU's and there amps are not bad SQ(to run mids/highs) for the price you pay.


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I would suggest audiobahns prefab bandpass box w/ 3 12"s and neon built in b/c they sell them at crutchfield and that is better than circut city and best buy put together.

But seriously, Magnum D2 12" + BX1000D shouldn't be more than about $25 over your budget (and will make you have the coolest system on the block!!!!). If you really, seriously don't want to go over $500 you could try an Alpine Type R 12" w/ a BX500D or maye a JBL 600.1


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Don't buy profile amps they ****, and are wal mart quality.
Don't listen to this guy. He knows nothing. The new clarus series are built strong. They can be put through hell and will hold up. My friend had his ran at .5 ohms daily and it just heated up and went into protection after an hour of listening. 2 years later it works fine. A few of my friends have these amps and I have never heard of any problems with them.



My sony's were good enough for a first system ass, they are not wal mart quality at all. Power acoustik isn't best buy quality, heres an idea get a PA amp and try it if you don't like it send it back and get something else. The power on the amps for pa are true power and the amps they make are very good.

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