Precision Audio DSP config help


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Oct 2, 2009
Queens, NY
Hey guys.  I need some help with my Precision audio DSP-88, not sure if anyone here has experience with it.  Problem I have is I’m using an output on the DSP to go into my mono amp and the signal seems to be really low, I can’t even see my sub move but I can hear faint music coming from it.  I’m thinking I have some settings wrong for the channel I’m using for the amp but I’m not sure what to change as I really don’t know anything about DSP tuning.  I turned the low pass filter on and put it down to the lowest setting.  Still nothing. This setup I brought over from my last car and I had this issue there, I got around it by using a signal straight from the head unit into my mono amp.  I want to avoid that here if possible.  Mono amp is a Precision 1000.1.  Car is a 2016 Mercedes C63. Hopefully this is enough info for someone to help me out.



Talontsi90 Well Known
Mar 14, 2019
Setting your LP to the lowest setting will remove most of your music. If you only have one amp, why bother with a DSP? Just for crossover settings? Are you using the Windows Interface for it?


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