Phoenix Gold Bass Cube NIB


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Oct 10, 2007
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Phoenix Gold Bass Cube NIB

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This is it folks! A brand new, in the factory box, Phoenix Gold Bass Cube in titanium. If you are looking for this amazing piece of technology, you know exactly what it does. You also know that they are very rare to find even used now'a days.

What the Bass Cube does (for any of you that may be misconstrued or misunderstand) is it allows you to amplify the given bass frequencies in a track or song that you are listening to based how wide or narrow you want the bandwidth to be "boosted." The Bass Cube is not an Epicenter...far from it. An Epicenter takes the existing bass frequencies in a given song and lowers it making it sound lower (i.e. taking a 50hz bass note and making it sound like a 30hz note).

The Bass Cube is sort of like a line driver but is adjustable by centering a frequency in a song and increasing the input of the signal (voltage/wattage) and making that frequency louder. If you are completely new to the Bass Cube, I HIGHLY suggest reading "The Bass Cube Secrets" manual. You can still find it on the web. Search YouTube as well for videos and reviews.

This thing is worth every penny! I have owned 3 of them over life in car audio, and it is hands down one the most effective items you can add to a bass head's setup.


$300.00 SHIPPED.

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