New here and to car audio, looking for tips/ideas

Alan.w3 Newbie
Nov 19, 2020
Burton, Ohio
Hey yall. I have a 1988 f250 single cab. My audio system is all stock and really just not that great. As far as I know its all original, and everything works, I just want more lol.
I believe the only speakers in the truck are the 2 in the doors. From what I've read, they're either 5 1/4 inch or 6 1/2 inch, I haven't pulled my door pans to actually measure.
I dont really have room for a sub unless I raised my bench seat and put something slim underneath it.
I guess what I am looking for is something a bit louder and definitely clearer than what's in it now. If I can get speakers with good low end, I won't look at subs. Although I do love the bass...
I'm not looking for anything to compete with, but I also don't want anything super cheap.
I do know a little bit about audio systems, I'm part of a sound/media team at church, but my knowledge doesn't go too far.

SlugButter Veteran
Nov 5, 2019
You can get bass from door speakers with some modifications to the panel and alot of sound deadener. Or a speaker pod maybe. If you want to add some bass in a small package, there are 6.5 inch subs that will actually get decently low and loud. You’d probably have to build your own box for it to get something really decent. Not many options for prefabricated subs in an enclosure to just purchase and drop in. Some of the shallow mount subs on the market are not bad either.
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Alan.w3 Newbie
Nov 19, 2020
Burton, Ohio
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I have started to look into shallow subs but never got too far. Whats the biggest shallow sub I can get that still sounds decent? I'm not trying to shake my truck apart but I wanna feel at least a little rumble

Popwarhomie Elite VIP
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Jan 22, 2010
I've had two OBS F series trucks. You can easily get a subwoofer behind the seat. I got a 2 cubic foot net ported box with a single 12" behind my bench seat truck. The door speakers are 6.5s.

hispls Veteran
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Sep 10, 2009
Central Maine
I won't look at subs.
You really may want to reconsider that as even one or two stout 6" subwoofers in a tiny box will make a big difference,

Otherwise, head over to Crutchfield and pop in make and model of your truck and it should show you what fits doors and what bits you'll need to replace the head unit with aftermarket. Crutchfield isn't the best prices but they're hands down the best customer service and support.

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