Nakamichi NAM3510-M7 experiences? Mainly with random play setting.

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thewookie Newbie
Hi all,

Wondering if anyone has any experience with the Nakamichi NAM351-M7 head unit? Mainly with the random play setting with MP3s on MicroSD, it is horrible, random, not random at all.

So I bought this deck and had it installed professionally about a week ago, and I am already regretting my decision. This NAM3510-M7 was to replace an Atoto android deck which was alright but not reliable, meaning when starting the vehicle '08 4Runner, it sometimes have boot issues, not start off where I left off, ie the app and song, won't keep radio stations, and sometimes won't read the MicroSD.

I just wanted something more reliable, so I got the Nakamichi deck, most reviews I read or seen said it was a great value for a deck with Apple and Android.

The random playback is the worst I have ever experienced. It would literally cycle through the same songs every time I start the vehicle. I am using a MicroSD with 6300+ songs on it. But it would always go through the same songs. Even after choosing a song and then shutting veh down and starting back up again later, it would start the song where it left off, which is good. But when I press next and/or previous buttons the songs chosen would start the same cycle over again. This is a horrible random algorithm. I remember when head units first came out with usb ports and mp3 file support, the random playback was way better than this.

Another thing I don't like is the listing of folders of my songs. There is no sorting in ascending or descending order. For example if I wanted to listen to AC/DC songs, I press the list button, and for some reason the AC/DC folder is not with the A's, sometimes it's at the middle and sometimes it's at the bottom of the list.

Nakamichi, if you are listening please release an update to fix these issues, mainly the random playback and make it actually random.
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