Kenwood KAC-920 amp power connector


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Oct 3, 2012
United States
I have an old Kenwood KAC-920 stereo amplifier that I'd like to use for a simple, no frills, single sub setup. I was given this amp by a friend of mine who no longer needed it.

I was looking at the amp and noticed that it doesn't use the normal power connectors like a lot of other amps (i.e. no ring, or spade, or set screw connector). This amp uses some kind of a plug for power, and I'm guessing that it's a proprietary one at that, I can't seem to find any info on it, and my friend doesn't have the original power wire either.

I've messed with enough electronics and installed many head units, and even built my own amp/subs setup before, so I know everything I need to do to install this, I just need some info on this odd power connector.

What pins are for power, what pins are used for ground, and I'm guessing one of the pins is used for the power on/off wire that comes from the head unit.

I emailed Kenwood about it, and they just directed me to a couple of sites that sell parts for this, a lot of them are discontinued. I saw a DIN cable for $64 (no f***ing way I'm spending that for a DIN cable), and I saw something that was just labeled "wire harness", it didn't specify what harness was for, but since the power connector is the only non-standard connector on it, that's probably what I need, but it's discontinued.

I'm hoping someone else has figured out the pin-out of this connector, and I'm also hoping someone has a users manual in PDF form, since that is also discontinued of the parts site.

Any info or additional online resources about this amp would be greatly appreciated.

Here is a picture of the power connector in question.

View attachment 26536564


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