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New rules in classified section...

  • Must state a selling price. No "PM your offer, I"ll take the highest one" type crap. We aren't an auction house, and those types of threads only bread lowballing and thread dumping.
  • No feelers. Either the item is for sale, or it isn't. If it isn't, don't start a thread. If it is, say so.
  • You must enter in what it is for sale in the title.
  • No for sale threads solely to link your ebay auction. People understand how to use ebay. If they want to look on ebay for an auction selling the equipment you are offering for sale, they know how. So don't spam them here.
  • No offering items for sale while there is atleast one unresolved negative feedback thread about you.
  • Absolutly no dealers, wholesalers, or mass items ads.
  • This includes group buys and/or mass sale threads. Dealer or not, this is not allowed.
  • No post dumping.
  • You must include a picture with your post(preferably one with your username in it)

If you don't like the price someone wants, tough shit.

If you're not interested, don't bother posting.

A simple "this thread is worthless without pics" smilie will be removed ... sorry, you're going to have to show more interest.

And if your posts gets deleted, don't send us a PM asking me why your post was removed.

If you posted "Man that price ***** you're not going to get that out of it ... I can get them on ebay for $50 less brand new" ... that's post dumping ... common sense prevails once again.

Stay on topic.

Originally Posted by snova031

-Do not get off topic within the thread regarding an item for sale. The seller is listing the item for a reason, to sell it, not to discuss other issues. PM/Start a new thread within another section if you wish to discuss something non related to the sale with the seller.

The Moderation Crew will enforce these rules, and take any necessary actions to enforece these guidelines.

If you have any questions, comments, or concers, feel free to contact any of the Moderation Staff with a Private Message, we will try to answer you in a timely fashion.

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