How big can I go?

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Just finished my electrical, big 3, DC power 270 alt, and Odyssey AGM group 31 battery. Current setup is a Salt 2, 12” Fi Audio Neo 3.5, and 4 channel 125x4 class A/B for front stage. Voltage seems to be really steady, but wondering how much more power I could pull with the electrical? Could it handle a second Neo 3.5? Or should I go to a single 15, or 18?

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You should be ok with another Neo. I would think that if you had any voltage issues, that adding another battery/AGM should take care of the supply for the demand. As Ive said for several years, It takes power to make power. I would deff. add another battery if I dipped below 12.2V. I just dont like to go below that unless doing a burp/ quick demo in any of my own vehicles. I wouldnt expect full range of power on that amp below the 12.8 that it was tested at by specs, but I would be concerned when dropping below 12.5 on it constantly. Thats a Dammned good Battery you have.

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