Hertz audio hcx 690 reviews

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The Hertz Audio HCX 690 are one of the best 6”x9” car speakers which produced by the famous Hertz Audio. Though theirs price are not cheap, they are really worth every penny. This type of car speakers is suitable for those people who want to avoid installation hassles which are presented by component car speakers. Yet, the sound quality offered is still high.


The HCX 690 car speakers could deal with a huge amount of power, and could generate high SPL. Even, they could deal with up to 130W RMS and have a high sensitivity rating of 92dB – that is rather impressive. It can generate high SPL (Sound Pressure Level) with less power consumption. But to ensure it can shows full potential powers. Moreover, these speakers having high sensitivity rating could work well with less power, meaning that if you want them to shine and make a difference, you should pair them up to the decent external amplifier with 100W RMS at the least.

What is more, to ensure smooth frequency response as well as high power bandwidth, the woofer cone is thereby made of damped mesh fiber. Besides, in order to keep users away from extraneous vibrations, noise, and other distortions, these speakers come with a vibration-proof magnet cover.

The woofer made with Damped Mesh Fibre Cone (a composite of damping materials and glass-fiber fabric), extending the sound bandwidth to 23 kHz and ensure the smooth frequency response.


Along with an over-sized magnet, which extends power capacity and energy control, Hertz HCX 690 comes with the vibration-free rubber magnet cover to avoid sound distortion and unwanted vibrations when it’s on the loud mode.

Moreover, the sound responding is smooth in every frequency and any sound level. The installation also is a advantage of Hertz HCX 690. You can easy install it on any factory cut-outs or on the rear deck

A little cons of this speaker you need to consider is about the price. It’s higher than other speakers on the market. But consider about the premium materials and built in quality, you will see it totally worth to buy.

Source : Hertz Audio HCX 690 reviews | CarSpeakersPro.com | CarSpeakersPro.com

Is Carspeakerspro.com a better place to buy from then Sonic?

Sonic use to be the only place I would ever go, or even recommend, but now I can go to Walmart and get the same speaker for the same price. Kind of makes sonic obsolete to me. Unless they have something I can't find at Walmart of course.

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