Help Please kenwood dmx2050dabs

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I have a seat Leon 2010 1.6tdi it’s fitted with a seat unit that won’t load sd card internal error so bought the above stereo to upgrade and a fitting kit(connects 2 patch) not as straightforward to me as I’m total newbie
I thought it’d be just plug and play the patch has a green wire orange wire and purple wire so snip the orange and green leaving purple for kenwood then on diagram says use key 1 to radio but where abouts on the head unit does key 1 go to??after a frustrating getting nothing off the internet starting to think a lot of £’s down first of all trying to save original seat head unit by trying different sd cards but to be honest don’t think it’s the right unit for the car then £’s out on the kenwood kinda frustrating easy fix for tech not for me it’s just for swc please help the 3.25 jack is for alpine only I think il forward the loom and diagram pics
On the back of the head unit is green wire I take that is for the brake then there’s different inputs for swc remote etc and reverse and ground cheers in advance
Maybe just give up and get a grammar phone in the boot
Many thanks in advance for any help it’s well appreciated


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