First upgrade with a new truck that has Car Play.

Snoopgordie Newbie
May 29, 2021
So I just bought a 2022 Chevy Silverado Custom and this is the first vehicle I've owned that has the Car Play ugly head unit.
In the past I've always had car/truck stereos with customizable Pioneer head units, etc, but that's all in the past as I'm finding out.
I went to a local dealer who I've used in the past and they looked at my truck and gave me 2 invoices for 2 different upgrades.
Mind you, I have NO idea how a Digital Sound Processor works, and I can't get a demo beforehand, so I'm just going to post the invoice below and hopefully someone can chip in and tell me if they think this a decent setup for a pickup truck.
Thanks for any input.

1 ADS-DSR1 MAESTRO Digital Signal Processor with maestro ADS-DSR1 $349.99
1 OEM INTER LABOR Processer install includes 3 hr tune OEM INTER LVL 4 $540.00
1 PS165FXE FOCAL 6.75" flax component fixed x-over PS165FXE $679.99
1 COMPONENTS LABOR Components w/ external x-over COMPONENTS W/ XOVER $270.00
3 SOUND STINGER RKST36B / MDM36 one sheet SOUND DAMPEN $30.00 $90.00
1 SOUND LABOR front doors- inner only, 2-3 sheets/pair SOUND DAMPEN INNER $45.00
1 PC165FE FOCAL Flax Evo series 6.75" coaxial PC165FE $479.99
1 COAXIAL LABOR install coaxial speakers, no crossover COAXIAL $90.00
1 RD400/4 JL AUDIO 400w class d amp RD400/4 $399.99
1 RD500/1 JL AUDIO 500 watt mono amp RD500/1 $399.99

1 M2KIT4 MESA 4 gauge amplifier power install kit M2KIT4 $74.99
1 M3UDB2 MESA +0 gauge dual fused distro block M3UDB2 $29.99
3 M217 MESA 17" twisted premium RCA M217 $29.99 $89.97
1 4CH AMP LABOR Install 4 channel amplifier 4CH AMP $315.00
1 SUB AMP LABOR mono subwoofer /2ch amp install SUB AMP $270.00
1 AXLLC AXXESS Line level controller AXLLC $29.99
1 BASS KNOB LABOR install bass knob; customer location BASS KNOB $45.00
1 T1S112 ROCKFORD One ohm 12" shallow high power sub T1S112 $739.99
3 CUSTOM LABOR under seat enclosure CUSTOM $100.00 $300.00




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May 29, 2021
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That is all one ticket. It is all quality equipment, so it should sound good. Seems like the sub box will be custom made so I would expect great bass response as well.
Thanks for responding. I'm going to go ahead and pull the trigger.
One last question...will the digital signal processor, or any of these items, come with a phone app? I assume these will be hidden and I'll just be looking at the same display I see now?

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