Extremely quiet subwoofer


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Jul 7, 2020
I cannot figure out what i am doing wrong. I purchased a Skar 10" sub and I've tried about 10 amps but can't get a new one to work correctly. The sub works perfectly with any old amp i have, (1990 or older) but every new amp i get, i have to put my ear right up to the sub to hear it faintly come out. I've tried turning up the gain, and when it's all the way up, I can hear the sub from maybe 5 feet away instead of putting my ear up too it lol. I've been testing it on the floor in my house with a 12v car battery. Do new amps need more than 12v or something? The power light comes on and the amp does work, just at about 1%. Does anyone have any input on why the new amps are doing this? So far I've used a Skar, Soundstream, Crunch, Audiopipe, Planet Audio, and some others for amps but they all did the same. The ones that work fine are old Kenwoods, Pioneer, Hifonics, Alpine, Sundown, and Sony. All the ones I have are old school liks 90s lol.


Nov 6, 2013
Strange one. Are you sure that you are setting the gain and your crossovers correctly on the new amps. Were the new amps matched correctly to the sub, as it relates to Ohms? I once installed some of the brands you mentioned in my wife's car and was disappointed in their output. I currently use Hifonics, Pioneer, and Kenwood in my car.
Let us know what you find. The best-case scenario is that it works with your old amps. If you must upgrade the amp, try an upgraded model of one of the brands that work. Good luck.


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Jan 22, 2010
Need more info. What subwoofer and amps? What amps work?

I'm wondering what you are wired to in terms of ohm load. Old amps 4 ohm stable and new amps 1 ohm stable?

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