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Apr 8, 2014
United States
I came across this place in search of higher end Rainbow comps. The price was the best I could find on the internet and didn't want to use woofersetc.com. Made up my mind on which set I wanted, asked whether they can ship to the US (they are in Germany). He said everything is no problem - they'll even ship as a gift to avoid customs charges. Once I paid via paypal for the Rainbow set, a day later I was told Rainbow cannot fulfill the order as they no longer make this set and offered me a comparable Rainbow set. I declined, but further browsed the site for other comps. Came across Gladen Zero Pro 165, which were additional 150 euro more. The guy told me he can ship this to me and gave me 30 euro discount - essentially free shipping since that's how much it was. I also called Orca (US importer of Gladen/Mosconi/Audio System) and they quoted me $1500 for this set, plus tax. I got this set for $930 shipped. Deal. The communication is tough since I email them while they're asleep and vice versa - so each round of communication takes 2 days. They shipped DHL Paket. This is not the same as DHL Express, meaning once in the US, the package will be handed over to USPS and they will deliver to you. From Germany, this takes 10 business days to get to someone in the US. I got my comps well packaged in perfect condition, was able to track it the whole time, though with some agonizing idle times. These guys are authorized Rainbow, Gladen/Mosconi, Ground Zero dealer - probably others, too, but those are the only ones I was able to confirm. They also have the hard to find Polk SR comps on their site, not sure if those are actually in stock though.

Conclusion: Highly recommended as you avoid hundreds of dollars in middle man fees. If ordering Rainbow, I encourage to email them ([email protected]) to ensure they have the product in stock before paying. Also, ask them to ship the item as a gift. If DHL Express is not too expensive, opt for that. I will order from them again for sure.


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