Digital design 9500

Matleve18 Newbie
Apr 13, 2019
I have a dd audio 9500 18 and I have no idea about the subs specs such as,

- The rms power rating 

- the volume of the box and the port 

And is it a good sub over all I put a cheap vm exa3000.2 on it and It blew it immediately 

Help would be greatly appreciated.

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Jul 24, 2005
Well now if it's blown  it's no longer a good sub right lol

I'm curious to know how you blew a 800-900 dollar sub? My guess is cheapo amp/clipping. I've heard these in person. I know someone who has 3 18's in his Escalade. Loud as fuc&



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Apr 20, 2017
I had 1 in my Acura TL, it was a beast for a single sub trunk setup.

Like they said we need to know the version of the sub.

How do you know its blown?


MindySeo Newbie
May 2, 2019
I visited their site too, is it an updated version? Honestly, I used it from my phone and unfortunately it was not very well optimized for mobile devices. I wondered what other vulnerabilities could be in this site and did a site analysis with the help of google seo checker it turned out so bad a couple of pages with 404 errors and you can slightly improve SEO for search engines.

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Sep 30, 2009
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DD's site will only show the most recent revision. You could take a pic and sent it to DD and maybe they could identify it. Also try removing the rubber boot on the magnet, there should be a barcode and serial #. Send a pic of that to DD as well. 


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