Decreased audio volume audi a4 (paypal for the actual helpful solution)

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Dec 10, 2019
Just as the title says. I've noticed my audio volume dropped by a lot recent days. I've been messing with the settings in car's infontainment system, reconnecting aftermarket subwoofer and amp. Not to mention I started hearing some speaker buzzing on my right (passenger side). Every other speaker seem to be in perfect condition. Can this somehow be related with the original (stock) car's amp? I aswell had my subwoofer installed a few months ago, don't know if this have any impact on this current problem, but I'll let you guys to decide that. Nonetheless, I wasn't playing with the settings before it all happened and neither I was torturing my audio system with loud and "bassy" music listening.


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Nov 22, 2007
A blown speaker could be causing your factory amplifier to turn off. I would start by disconnecting the buzzing speaker.

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