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This last year I found myself looking for a hardcore SPL sub that could handel the vigors of daily driving without sounding like absolute **** doing so.

I found a very good deal on a NIB 9915e (talk to dried) and decided it could do the job quite well. Before this time I had purchases a pair of Better Audio 1600m1's. So instead of purchasing an amp to match a given driver I did it backwards but with pleasing results.

The test conditions. 1 DD 9515 d2 ran into a 1600m1 at 1 ohm. THe box is a dual independent chamber 16ft^3 box. Since at this time I only own one of the DD's I used as single chamber for the test. It is a hotswap ported box. The port used for the test was tuned to 27hz and is my daily driving port. The SPL port was not finished at test time. But I will amend to this when it is.

All the specs for the DD9515 can be found at ddaudio.com so I'll not waist my time posting them. But if you've ever seen this sub you know it is huge. The magnet is very very large and has a mighty frame to support it. The driver alone weighs 46lbs.

For the listening test I used track 14 off of bassmechanics Download and Ying Yang Twins - Say Ay yi yi.

I used a 3/4 gain adjustment on the amp simply because this sub could'nt get enough power and I did not get any symptoms of clipping...still will adjust with an RTA given time. This amp spec run at 1550@1ohm but I have a good feeling it puts 0out just a pinch more.

Onto the test.

The opening of the bassmechanics song is a little high and the sub sounded a little muddy but in honesty sounded about as good as any sub would in 8ft^3 and tuned so low. Then the deep deep bass rolls came in and I quickly found myself jumping at the remote bass knob and cranking it down. IT was insanely loud for such a conservative amount of power. Eventually I turned the gain back up and suffered with the loudness. The sub was punchy and very little distortion could be observed at normal listening levels. Then it was time to try it with real life music. I toss on Ying Yang simply because it has a nice deep clean rolling bass. I really crank it up and almost instantly my ears start ringing. On the track it was quite responcive but obviously an SPL built sub. I've heard much cleaner subs but nothing quite this loud. I've been working on systems for quite sometime but never had witnessed a single sub that was so loud, and I've installed products of this caliber more than a few times.

So the breakdown

SPL: 9.5/10

SQ: 6/10 (a lot better than most make it out to be)

Durablity: 9/10

It is a very good driver and can be found a very good prices. I put this very high on my list of recomended drivers. IT can be made into a daily or unleashed as a full out SPL machine. People have put 20kw for burps onto this sub and that is pretty crazy for a sub with an RMS of 1500w

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