Customer Reviews got me confused


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Jun 23, 2005
New Jersey
Hey guys I know what sub I want and the amp and I’m gonna build a box that’s perfect I’m just waiting on the funds to come in lol. So while I’m waiting I was gonna run the wires and get set up. The more reviews I read the more lost I am. I look at power wire... it’s copper it’s not copper it’s copper clad it’s tinned and that one product different reviews. One review was going off how copper clad isn’t safe and Amazon is going to be sued. What should I get???? I just want 4awg wire. I look at rca cables most kits they call out as junk, some say they are not shielded what does that mean?? then I see twisted. My head is going to explode

what should one be looking for?? Ofc, ofc tinned, copper clad? RCA twisted protected????

kits or piece it together yourself?

im thinking the $20 kit won’t do it but I really don’t wanna do $150 kicker kit either



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Jul 24, 2005
Go with OFC, Oxygen Free Copper. Stay away from CCA, which stands for Copper Clad Aluminum. Some will tell you its fine to use but not as good quality as OFC and will corrode faster. Better to do it right the 1st time around than redo it in 4-6 months time. for some good quality RCA's. 


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