Amp hits when car is off with radio off

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I have a 2013 gmc terrain. I have a pioneer amp rca to a line output converter wired to the rear stock sub. And when I turn off my car and open the door to make the radio turn completely off. The amp stays on and then the subs will hit continuously. The remote wire is tapped into the radio fuse. Every now and then when I turn the key to give it power and then turn it off to restart the “shutdown” process. Sometimes the amp will turn off. But I am also having an issue when drive and in park where the subs will hit on no volume. And they will hit just like I’m pushing the gas and or slowing down.

bobba84 Newbie
The remote wire is the trigger to turn it on and off. It shouldn't be in the radio fuse, which is always powered. It should be into the radio's "AMP" or "REMOTE" wire so that it turns on with the radio. If it doesn't have one or you can't find it, tap into the cigarette lighter power - at least then it's only on with ignition.
Yeah you want to disconnect the remote wire from where you have it. That remote wire is the switch/ the (held in) power button. If you don't have a remote wire to hook it up to on the head unit, hook it up to an accessory circuit (which is what your head unit is on). It's very small draw, they are about 100-300mv, so you could hook it to any ACC circuit without worrying about the draw. What you did was hooked it up to a 12v, battery pos circuit. Your radio will have a 12v power circuit that always gives power and keeps your memory, and an accessory circuit, (that is the head unit's switch wire). Your options are: the head unit's remote wire (which is the factory's intended feed for what you want), your head unit's switch wire, or any accessory circuit.
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