1995 soundstream SPL 160 subs


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Aug 10, 2019
Oh my word, what a bunch of miss information on this thread!
I’m sorry to resurrect this old thread, but there could be a chance for someone to buy one, or a pair of these jems, in the future...and looking on here, they’ll think they are junk!

It really sucks when people post complete bullshit, about...stuff they have absolutely no clue about!
I have personally owned a pair of old school Soundstream spl 15s, running off an old school American made Soundstream Reference 705 amp.
These subs will easily destroy most subs these days! I have Never heard a system like mine before! Still can’t get nothing to compare to it today, without spending 3k!
The only sub line that could even compete with the SPL series, back in the day....were top of the line JL audios!
According to the info on here...being felt several blocks away....is only worth $100 for the pair lmao!
Give me a break! It would take a lot of “today’s $100 subs” to equal two of those 15s....and the 160s......forget about it! This thread makes me laugh.
Just so you all know...almost all American made old school Soundstream equipment is ridiculously underrated.

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