wiring kits

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    Amp Kit Brand Quality

    The title is pretty self-explanatory for this thread. Just wondering what everyone's take is of the different brands of amp kits out there. I only ask because of a crappy install I had done at Oxford Auto Sound (in Toronto) in which they used a generic off-brand to wire my system in my Civic...
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    What kind of wires/wiring kit do I need?

    I have two sundown audio dual 2s 12 in which can be viewed here Amazon.com: SA-12 D2 - Sundown Audio 12" 600W Dual 2-Ohm SA Series Subwoofer: Car Electronics A RF prime 1200 watt amp which can be viewed here. WoofersEtc.com - R1200-1D - Rockford Fosgate Monoblock 1200 Watt Prime Series Class...