wiring head unit help

  1. DonJohnson

    Car Stereo wiring help

    Hey guys, I am attempting to swap out old aftermarket stereo with new stereo. The existing wiring is a bit of a nightmare. I am not sure what the wires heading off to the right and left are for. Perhaps the wire to the right goes to battery for constant power but what are the wires going...
  2. K

    replace head unit on 2003 infiniti M45-PLEASE HELP!

    I have a 2003 infiniti M45, and it comes stock with a **** tape player... I have a new headunit I want to install but its not the usual wires in normal harnesses. I have tried to install it without an interface unit, since I cant find one anywhere. PAC audio, Scosche, Metra... nobody makes any...
  3. J

    Has anyone heard of horgma? Having major problems here!

    just bought a new car and it had a horgma mp3 mp4 head unit with usb and sd card in the front, the bloke i bought it from didnt know how to install it, anyone even heard of one and can help? its nothing like anything ive ever seen before.
  4. P

    HELP NEEDED wiring in new head init.

    I need some help with wiring in a head unit in an old van. I just bought a 1990 Nissan Caravan and the spanner who had it before me did a bit of d.i.y on the wiring and now it doesn't fit any adaptors. How can i find out which wires are which so i can connect up each wire individually? Cheers...