wiring 2 4ohm to 1 ohm

  1. CpsChase

    How to wire 2 dual 4 ohm voice coil subwoofers

    How can I wire 2 dual 4 ohm voice coil subs down to 1 ohm on a 1 ohm stable amp? Can somebody tag a diagram
  2. Y

    2 10" audiobahn flame q subs w/ soundstream tarantula 700rms monobock need help

    Hey, i want to know if you guys think this setup will bang heavy clear bass but very deep im getting 2 10" audiobahn dual 4 ohm subs 900rms a piece with a soundstream tarantula monoblock amp 700rms 1 ohm stable with built in cooling fans. I wanted to know how big should i have the box built i...