1. BassErex

    Bass Louder and softer sometimes... Bass subwoofer problem - Bass loss

    Hello! From above, sorry from too long entry, I wanted to present my problem well. And I'm asking for advice :) . I have weird problem of bass from subwoofer. I fight with this about 4 years On two cars: Mazda 323f Ba and Mazda 6. Sometimes bass is much better and softer. and sometimes i can...
  2. K

    Problem with Subwoofers. They hit much weaker than normal.

    So i have a DTS 1000.1 mono class D amplifier by RE audio. I also have 2 12 inch RE SE subwoofers. They were installed around thanksgiving 2012 and have been very good until now. A few days ago the subs just stopped hitting super hard like normal. I use a dial bass gain thing that next to the...
  3. C

    Problem with hooking up 2-15's

    I have a 2000w autotek amp that was pushing a 15" American Bass XO sub. I had that for 3 weeks and then today bought the same one again. When I had just one, it worked and sounds fine, but as soon as I hook up the second sub, the bass gets real weak and it sounds bad. The subs are rated at 1000w...