1. Mr FaceCaser


    So how do you determine what battery you need? Like if a battery has 200 AH what does that mean? If a battery says 4000 watts max does that mean? I see battery's that are 200 AH but 4000 watts max what does that exactly mean
  2. C

    The Secrets of Speaker

    We just released an article about the knowledge of the speaker! https://blog.cadencesound.com/index.php/2022/09/13/how-many-watts-do-car-speakers-need/ Hope everyone like it.
  3. cdc351jeferson

    watts per amps ?

    how many watts per amps is good is there a formula im missing. got a 125 amp alt whats most watts you would wanna run off it ?
  4. A

    Does amp need to match subs?

    I just got 2 kicker comp 10s with 50-150 watts RMS and 300 watts peak. do i need to get an amp with 600 watts to get the true potential out of my subs or could the amp i get be like 170 watt?