water damage

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    Water + Amps = ?

    So I have a plastic bin with car amps and all my wiring from my last car all pretty much new. I'm having my house worked on, and these jerks move my stuff and of course it thunder storms and rains like crazy. I didn't realize they had left my stuff out and I come out to see my bin full of amps...
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    Speakers getting wet, foam cups or fiberglass enclosure for midbass drivers?

    I have just installed my DLS UP6i component set in the front of my car and sound deadened the doors. I installed a rubber "moisture guard/roof" over the midbasses but when I took them out the other day I noticed that they were still getting wet and I am afraid that this will kill my speakers...
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    Water damage

    Hello, just found out two days ago that theres a leak somewhere in my driver side window seal. I looked at my rainbow slx265s and the coil was SOAKED. I put in one of my buddies older jl speakers and it was my lucky week and it rained again last night so the "new" speaker is most likely wet...