1. 93Exploder

    Two 2-2.5ks Wanted

    Looking to purchase 2 2k ors 2500s. looking for skar sundown crescendo or dc audio amps. Let me know and what you want for them shipped to 95382
  2. Z

    2 10s, 2ohm, 4ohm dvc or 8 ohm

    Wanting to buy 2 10" subwoofers. Needing 2ohm, 4ohm dvc, or 8 ohm (basically, I need to end up with a 2 ohm stereo or 4 ohm mono load) Subwoofers also need to be fairly shallow, they are going under the back seat of an f150...so, under 6" mounting depth And enclosure will be appx .6ish each...
  3. whikid

    Want to buy rockford fosgate t112d2

    hey there, im in the market for a rockford fosgate t112d2, otherwise known as the power t1? either way gota be the dual 2 ohm vc. and the older model {chrome cone} willing to pay up to 100$ on this sub ,dosent have to be pritty just in good working order and no holes in suspension foam, the one...
  4. CraigLeMay

    WTB : Seeking to purchase many Audison LRx 2.9 amps.

    Please contact me if you have any Audison 2.9 amps for sale or trade. Thank you for taking the time to reply. Rock On, Craig
  5. iaturtleboy

    Looking for a Bada$$ Sub For around 500.1 sub thats going to be loud.18?

    i have a 13.5 dub 7 and im not in love with it.looking to go bigger and better.looking for an 18 but whats nice and loud for one sub.i have an 83 caddy so trunk space is good.
  6. Oh6AcCoRd

    WTB Amp. 1 ohm stable for about 600 rms or so.

    Title says it all. I have about 150 or so cash max to spend. Going to be powering 2 12 inch memphis hpo/m3s