1. Wingman0121

    $94 worth of Walmart giftcards for $80

    1. Product: Two Walmart giftcards 2. Specs: One has $56.27 and one has $37.74 for a total of $94.01. 3. Description/Condition: The receipt is dated 11/26/12, the last time I was at the wally world. 4. Price: : $80 shipped. 5. Pictures:
  2. C

    First setup, question

    Hey, I'm looking to buy my first actual setup for myself. I am looking at a Rockford p1 15", which is 200watts RMS/ 400Peak. I have a small truck, extended cab with no seats in the back, so there is enough room for it. However, will this be enough power to add some good sounding bass to my...