1. Power_Glove

    FOR SALE JL 13W7 AE W/ Custom Ported 27Hz box and JL RD1500/1 Amp

    Up for grabs is a JL 13W7AE, custom made Baltic Birch Box (Mr. Marv design/build), and a RD1500/1 amp. All of these are brand new basically, 1 month old. The 13W7AE will come with my Crutchfield receipt, and original crate, so you can use the JL 5 year warranty (if ever needed). The RD1500/1...
  2. picniick

    Fake JL Audio 8W7???

    So here we go. Bought this 8w7-Ae from someone who claims it is brand new and never used. I didn’t realize anything shady when we meet with his positive attitude and all the excitement. This is my first time ever seeing a W7 in person and it just seems weird, weird enough to create an account...
  3. mrpep

    Let me know if my system will do please ..

    I have a Yukon 2003 that has 3 rows so space is tight between the 3rd row and the hatch rear door. I have no big three upgrade.  I am using 4 Gage OFC from the battery to the fuse and CCA Gage from that point to a secondary battery that runs in parallel, the cca to amp. I run short grounds of...
  4. mrpep

    Please help with w7 10” box design

    I just bought a used w7 in a ported box that actually sounds pretty good. Thing is it’s a bit punchy for my taste. The box is 14x15x17 and the port is maybe 2”. I usually like 2 c/ft for a 12 at about 32 to 34 hz so I’m thinking that either a longer box like 28” with a larger port maybe 3” might...
  5. W7 Turd

    W7 Turd

  6. Eclipse fiberglass trunk. 2 13W7 ' s and a Clarion monitor

    Eclipse fiberglass trunk. 2 13W7 ' s and a Clarion monitor