1. 9

    e46 bmw 3 vfl 8 enclosure advice

    I designed a box in sketchup... its 2.9 cubes after port displacement. The ports in this pic need to be 90ed and about 10 inches added to reach my desired tuning of 30 - 31hz. But other than that tell me what u think and where can I improve.
  2. basswiigee

    [B]American bass vfl mono and 4ch[/B]

    I'm looking to get a small mono maybe a vfl75.1 or vfl80.1 and a vfl350.4 please post or pm prices... and if your open to trades or only cash...please be reasonable with prices, if i wanted to pay near new prices... i'd buy new...
  3. K

    American Bass vfl 100.1 Questions

    I have been looking all over online and I can not find anything about how many watts this amp will push at 2 ohms. All I see is 1500w at one ohm. Can anybody help me out here? Thank you.

    My 15" AB VFL extreme for a sub or a few subs that take 1500w rms nicely

    Ok so here is the deal. I got this sub and box on CL and the sub was never used. It's practically brand new. It's still very stiff. The amp I got only does 1500w rms at 1 ohms, and I heard someone gave this sub 2500w rms clean power. Now obviously I can not do anywhere near that and I think...