1. E

    TL Metering

    Jackson TN,Single sensor TL latest software, single 12 in 1ft^3 box for finding res freq, Ran my scope over but still have the DD-1. $20hr for Testing.
  2. S

    Need Help With Box For 2004 Monte Carlo SS (all input appreciated)

    Im putting 2 12 dc audio lvl 4 xl in a 2004 monte carlo ss. Im just wondering if I should fire both subs and port forward into the cabin and seal off box from the trunk. or try subs and port firing towards trunk? IM really no sure what to do as of right now. The las setup in the car was 2 orion...
  3. bass maniak

    WTB: Termlab USB

    As the title states, im looking for a USB powered termlab. Would like it to include everything. Prices on a new one with single sensor setup now days is 649.99, so im willing to pay for used one as long as the price is fair compared to that. May consider older a/c powered model as long as the...