1. C

    Bad Terminal Cup

    I've been using pre-fab boxes for a while and love the simplicity of terminal cups but the past two times I've used them they've quit working. The first one just quit working one day. It shows no visible signs of any reasons of why it wouldn't work and I get power all the way up to the terminal...
  2. Ninesvnsicks

    XSPower Terminals?

    Hi I am about to order an XSPower D3400 for my 97 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo L6/4.0 I checked the height width and length of my current battery and it's the one that matches it closest however there are 2 sets of top mount terminals for it the 580 Short and the 586 Tall the tall says its for 925...
  3. Ninesvnsicks

    XSPower Terminals?

    posted in wrong forum please delete thanks.
  4. R

    My Friend cut the end of my battery cord that goes to my amp

    My Friend cut the end of my battery amp and now I cant connect it to the amp. It's connected to the battery. How do I get another circular terminal connecter? Or where do I find them so I can connect it to te end of the wire.? I don't want to have to buy another so.. Where can I find another...