1. K

    Audiofrog Speaker Selection Help

    Aloha, Second post, my first one was much more general as I was still all over the place planning my build. Help me pick out the best Audiofrog speakers for what I (think) I'm looking for. Cliff notes: Active GB60, GB15 & GS60 coax (Rear fill), or skip rear fill and do something funky like...
  2. B

    6x9 or 6.5?

    So I have a stock toyota tacoma and i want to upgrade the audio. I have infinity kappas 6.5s in an s10 I dont drive anymore along with a 4 channel amp. Im trying to decide if I should buy new 6x9s or just use the other 6.5s i have. Eventually I want to get another amp for a sub but for now I...
  3. trumpet

    Toyota Tundra and Tacoma Hi-Res Front Speaker Package Level 1

    Toyota Tundra and Tacoma Hi-Res Front Speaker Package Level 1 Created by the best musical minds of Europe and the USA Our goal: to bring together the best musical minds of Europe and America to produce the worlds finest audiophile automotive speakers…speakers built by fanatics, for fanatics...
  4. J

    tacoma sub box

    does anyone have specs for a ported box that would fit in a o2 tacoma xtracab i would rather have ported and i only want one 12 i think a fi ssd if anyone has specs that will only take up one seat or just center space that would be great! thanks or if there was a design for two 8's or tens i...
  5. B

    Rockford Fosgate T0

    Today my electrical system in my truck like totally failed on me. I have one Rockford Fosgate T0 12 on a Hifonics 1000.1D amp. It's running at 2Ohms so it's getting around 750watts. I have 4GA power and ground wires with 12GA Kicker speaker wire. Heres a video showing how dim it was going. It...
  6. 30Hertz

    30Hertz's 02 Toyota Tacoma Pre-Runner, 15" Brahma MKII

    Been perusing the forum for a while now. Not really new to car audio but have been out of the mix for a few years and decided I'd build myself a new box since I've got some time. Currently I'm using: Sub: 15" Brahma MKII powered by an Orion 2500d. Components: Diamond Audio D6's powered by a...
  7. B

    4 Channel Amp Help

    I currently have a sound system setup in my car, it includes: 1 Kenwood KDC-MP442U (22 rms x 4 to speakers) 2 Infinity 6x9's 300W 2 Ohm speakers 2 Infinity 6.5's 180W 2 Ohm speakers 2 Infinity tweeters 2 Jl w0 10" subs (with custom box) 1 Hitron 1000W mono block amp powering the subs I...
  8. 97 tacoma ext cab

    97 tacoma ext cab

    97 Tacoma Made to look stock. Alpine head unit with Ipod controls. The Ipod is located in the center console Speakers: Front: Mb Quart QSD 6.5 component Rear: Mb Quart QSD 6.5 component Sub: Jl 10w3 v2 Amps: JL 300/4 JL 250/1