1. N

    Switch to turn amplifier (and subwoofer) on and off

    Hi guys I would like to have a switch in my car that i can temporarily disable my amplifier and subwoofer, because when i listen to radio, you can not really listen to it as the bass is kind of to hard. I was thinking of putting a switch between my remote cable, i don't know if thats a good...
  2. venoxcide

    Amplifier Switch?

    Hello all, This may be bit of a weird question. I was walking around Best Buy the other day and noticed they have little switches to turn their amplifiers on display on and off. You can play music with the amplifier off for the "regular" sound then press the button, and the amp kicks on and...
  3. K

    Putting in an on/off switch for an amp??

    I am thinking about putting in a mono amp and a subwoofer and I was wondering if it i possible to hook up an on/off switch for the amp just in case I don't want a bass overload for some songs. I have looked around and I have seen some people mention but I am just wondering how exactly to do it...