1. prizm01


    looking to trade my 1980 mercury cougar xr7 with digital dash for a decent van or suv. i live in presque isle maine and do not have the ability to deliver. car does not run due to intake manifold being off, two studs are broken off in the heads and will require them to be drilled and retapped...
  2. B

    COMPLETED Absolute Complete Sound System for SUV’s

    SUV Sound System: Head Unit: Kenwood Excelon Full Multimedia System Front Speakers: One Pair of Focal K2 Power ES 165 KX2 6.5 Components Rear Doors: One Pair of Focal K2 Power EC 165 K 6.5 Coaxial Rear Deck: Two Pair of Focal 690 AC 6x9” Coaxial Subwoofers: Three 13W7AE-D1.5 Subwoofers...
  3. S

    SUV Spare Tire Well Design

    I have a 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee and I plan to put a subwoofer enclosure in it. I need some help on the best way to design it. I was planning on removing the spare tire and placing the sub enclosure in the spare tire well under the cargo area and firing the sub upwards. For my car I still need...
  4. M

    what size subs in an suv?

    i have a 2005 yukon with the third row seat taken out so plenty of space but i was wondering if i should get 2 12s or 2 15s?