sundown zv4

  1. Justin braaapp

    Sundown zv4 15 D1

    I need a sundown zv4 15 dual 1 looking for one as close to new as possible but let me know what you have and we can work a deal out.
  2. Justin braaapp

    Sundown haters??

    Why do I hear so many people hate on sundown? I've personally never tried them but their subs look nicely built. I hear a lot of people say they're over priced for wha they are, they aren't musical and sound sloppy, or particularly with the c and zv4 series that the high rolled surround makes...

    3.75 CUFT too much for a single 12" X/Zv4?

    Is 3.75 CUFT too much for a single 12" X/Zv4? Technically it would be 3.83 CUFT. The box would have a slot port that is 4" wide, 25" long, accounting for 0.83 CUFT of space, reducing box volume to an even 3.0 CUFT. Port area is 60 SQIN, resulting in 15 SQIN per CUFT of box volume. It would be...

    Sundown X or Z 12's on 1400 watts per sub

    I know there's not a whole lot of info/public testing done on these because they're new and that's why I ask. I understand both the X's and the Z's are conservatively rated but I may want to upgrade amps in the future. But in the instance that I don't upgrade amplifiers, I don't want to be...