sundown saz

  1. Justin braaapp

    wiring at .25??

    Basically I got two dual 1 zv4 15's that I was originally gunna run one amp on each at .5 a piece but things changed and now I have a saz-4500. I really don't wanna run them at one ohm and rise to 2 ohms or higher and barely get power to them so my question is can I wire to .25 daily on an saz...
  2. Joe562MMA

    need some personal experiences or insight on re mx subs

    I was planning on one good 18 inch sub for around 4 500 but I got offered 2 12 inch re mx never been mounted for 500... What do u guys think I plan on a custom box for either and I have a sundown saz 2500d anp to power the subs I know ill be underpowering them aince there rated at 1500 rms each...