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    Need opinion on good 3000+ amp

    Got a new car and currently just using old equipment. Just threw my 2 Sundown Ev4 12's in the back seat since the trunk is so small. Got em on a Sundown sfb-2000. Gonna be getting new subs (either some Dayton audios or SSA), but before that I'm getting a new amp. And before that I'm getting a...
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    Best Audio Setup for a Grand Prix

    Hi, I'm Zach and this is my first post on this forum. I have a 2006 Pontiac Grand Prix GXP (with monsoon audio) and I was wondering what the best audio setup for my car would be. I installed a Kenwood DDX372BT about a year ago and I was wanting to upgrade my speakers and possible get an...
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    My 1999 Honda Passport

    Last year I had new speakers installed and they've got really good sound quality. However, I've been listening to more bass filled music lately, and I have no bass in my system at all. I've got about $650 and I have no clue about sound systems. I'd be extremely thankful if anyone knowledgable...