subwoofer wiring

  1. Busyb318

    Need help with subwoofer and amp wiring

    I just installed two DS18 genx 12 inch subwoofers and a DS18 candy mini monoblock amp. The subs are dual 4 ohm rated at 450 rms each I have them wired at a 1ohtm load at amp which is rated at 1000 watt rms 1 ohm or at 450 rms at 4ohm. For two days it has been sounding good . Now it when I...
  2. 1

    Adding a subwwoofer

    Hi and thanks for the membership The current setup in my 63 Ford Galaxie: Only the rear RCA wiring is connecting the headunit and the Blaupunkt 4100 GTA amplifier in the trunk And only the rear speaker connectors on the GTA 4100 are used for my Blaupunkt XL 200 speakers A pioneer ts-w3003d4...
  3. X

    Amplifier Wiring

    Hey, so i'm trying to upgrade my car audio and have few questions. Components i have: Amplifier Toxic TX1000 - Subwoofer Mac Audio MP 225 BP custom box - Mac Audio MP 225 BP Car Audio...
  4. bs199sg

    Subwoofer Wiring

    I purchased 2 of TS-W3003D4 subwoofers and I was wondering if my wiring now is sufficient enough, or if I need bigger wire. I have, from the amplifier to the enclosure, 1 run of 8 gauge wire, to each side of the enclosure. The inside of the enclosure is what I'm concerned with. I have 14 gauge...
  5. bs199sg

    Sub Wiring Not Making Sense

    I purchased 2 of TS-W3003D4 subwoofers and I was wondering on how one would go about hooking up a wire capable of handling 2000 watts. My car is running at 14.4 volts, which translates to using about 140 amps per sub. The max wire gauge I managed to put inside one of the terminals was 8 gauge...