subwoofer 15"

  1. M

    powering my sub

    i have a 1500w amp and a 3000w rms sub. would it be safe to run it like normal or do i need to upgrade to the 3000w amp?
  2. Tempe

    COMPLETED Resonant Engineering (RE Audio) HC 15" subwoofer dual 2 ohm

    I'm an OG to this forum from about 20 years ago. I was mostly known on Termpro back in the day, and it's been a while on any forum. If you remember the old RE stuff then you're super cool in my book! I'm selling this Resonant Engineering (RE Audio) HC 15" for $250 plus shipping from 85233. I'll...
  3. basshead03

    Choosing the correct amp for the sub

    Hey! 😁 This is my first ever project in car audio! So, first of all which one would be more rational: one big sub or two small subs? (I'm looking for a proper subwoofer experience!) Currently I'm thinking of getting one big subwoofer, at the moment I have chosen the Hertz SPL Show SS15D2. ( Link...
  4. M

    FS: NY Incriminator Audio Death Penalty 15" BNIB

    Item(s) for Sale: A single Incriminator Audio Death Penalty Subwoofer 15" Item(s) Description/Condition: It is brand new, most recent version. Dual 2. still in original shipping box and packaging from Incriminator Audio. Was pulled out and inspected and put back into packaging. I bought it...