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  1. Only The Best

    fixing melted V.C. on alpine type r

    so yeah... just as the title says.... the positive terminal on the far right side of the 4 plug ins just melted all the way through and i cant send it back even though its under warranty because car toys said "i abused it"... which in all honesty is completly true... but how do i fix it? maybe...
  2. nissanrider06

    Tapping threads in 15" DC Audio XL - Advice Needed!!!!

    So I got a DC XL 15" beast and the basket is attached to the magnet with 6 1/4"-28 x1/2" long bolts and they all stripped out during shipping. So I am about to buy a tap/drill combo set. Now I am assuming I will just need the next size up which is a 5/16" tap and drill combo which I assume comes...