stock alt

  1. SPL.Pantie.Soak

    Can I run 2000 watts on the stock 120 AMP ALT?

    Hey guys I'm new here and I have a couple questions. Can I run a 2000 watt Hifonics Brutus amp without a HO ALT? If so, a extra XS Power battery and the big three would be completely necessary right? I would rather not purchase a HO alternator. Additional info- 120 Amp stock ALT and im having...
  2. O

    Need help!! music is cutting out!!

    My music on my after market pioneer stereo is going out when i turn my bass up loud.. I am running around 2000rms clean with 0 gauge and stock bat & alt with no big 3 or a cap. When i drive for a while the music turns back on tho.. I think the problem is that the amp is drawing more power...
  3. murph

    stock alt with sax-1200d

    I have a 2011 Chrysler 200 with a stock 160 amp alt. Will a sax-1200d be easily ran on this at 1 ohm 1200 rms?