stereo integrity

  1. Doxquzme

    Mosconi AS100.4 Vs. Stereo Integrity SIQ75x4

    I am considering replacing my Helix B FOUR and have an opportunity to purchase either the Mosconi or the Stereo Integrity 4 channel amplifiers. These will power dome mids and tweeters in my front stage, lower end midbass powered by Focal FDP 4.600, all are active using existing AudioControl DSP...
  2. W

    '94 Honda Civic Radio Wiring - Step by Step help??

    I bought a car recently and it came with no radio, so i went out to buy a new stereo. The stereo was missing its own cables so i have nothing to connect both sets of wires. I know nothing about wiring or installing radios so Im looking for some step by step directions on how to install my new...
  3. logiball

    WTB/WTT: Stereo Integrity BM MKIII

    I would love to buy a MKIII in new or like new condition. I have a SA-12 that has never seen power that I could throw some cash with. Thank You
  4. Wowimzz

    SI Claw Basket mag

    Claw Basket SI MAG D2: Heres a few pictures. If you need/want any other angles/views etc let me know and ill get them asap Ive had the woofer for about 3 years now, never mounted it. It has been stored indoors since i recieved it. I tested each coil a few months ago on a small 2 channel...