steering wheel controls

  1. SteveB

    Having problems with steering wheel controls.

    Hi, I've just bought a chinese android car stereo to replace the inbuilt stereo Fiat 250 VPI Row This I have it powered up & working but am having issues with getting the steering wheel to work. I...
  2. E

    New member here. Anyone here using the Pioneer DMH-W4660NEX???

    New member here! I recently installed the DMH-W4660NEX myself. I have a couple of issues and am wondering if anyone else are having the same issues. For one, the car will not automatically connect to my iPhones HOTSPOT. I have to go to my iPhone settings and turn off then on the hotspot toggle...
  3. clanderson

    07 Buick Lucerne harness?

    Hey guys, I'm moving my system into a 2007 Buick Lucerne. I'm pretty lost on what harness/components I need to hook up my Alpine HU and keep the Buick's steering wheel controls and accessory power. Please help!
  4. S

    Steering wheel controls adapter + bluetooth kit + AUX input for stock head unit

    I have Jaguar 1999 XJ8 , with phone button on steering wheel. It has a cassete player/radio as head unit. I dont want to change head unit ('cause single DIN units requires faceplate on this car) Is there any bluetooth kit, that could be connected to AUX input on stock head unit and to steering...
  5. M

    How to keep factory steering wheel controls - Video

    Hello all! In today's day and age many vehicles have controls on the steering wheel for controlling functions and features of your factory sound system. Many are discouraged from moving to an aftermarket head unit for the sole reason that they would then lose these controls. Well fear no more...