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  1. denim

    SSA Store old stock / open box clean out!

    To make room for new shipments, we need to move out some open box items that were used for pictures or display. I am going to let them go heavily discounted as they are not listed as new items on the SSA Store. They will be listed as we get to them and it is a first come first serve basis...
  2. denim

    Incriminator Audio Black & Blue Sale at the SSA Store

  3. denim

    SSA Holiday sale

    We have a holiday sale running until the end of the year on many selected items. Check it out at
  4. denim

    SSA Store hosting the Incriminator Audio Black & Blue sale again!

    A quick reminder, that once again, we (SSA) are hosting the Incriminator Audio Black and Blue sale. We have been doing with Incriminator Audio every 3 years. The last two times were a big hit and people have been asking constantly since. We will have pricing up soon, so keep an eye out!!
  5. denim

    SSA Store open box specials

    As we have a good number of products stocked up from product photo's so we have some items that are open box.   Check them out here: Open Box / B Stock - SSA STORE
  6. denim

    > New Incriminator Audio Subs <

    Join in the fun on our FaceBook page and see once again why SSA has always been the only choice for your IA needs online from day one.
  7. denim

    ** New SSA Shirts! **

    Ok guys, thanks to Bryan the CEO for the Tshirt Designs, we are finally proud to announce the shirt order has gone in. There are limited numbers of each size, so we are thinking a heads up is in order for this situation. They are expected to ship around the 9th of September. This date may or...
  8. denim

    *SSA Store package deals*

    We are just starting to get a few worked up. Check them out: SSA Store Package deals
  9. denim

    New SSA License Plates

    New SSA License Plates   We are proud to finally offer a SSA License Plate, by ToolMaker Metal Workz.   $19.99 Shipped in the US48.   License Plate | SSA - SSA STORE
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    New SSA Store

  11. denim

    SSA Store weekend amp sale

    We are running a weekend sale on amplifiers. Check out the image link:  
  12. denim

    *** SSA Store, Surprise 36 hour weekend sale ***

    Surprise, it is a sale! It is a quick sale across the store.   >>> SSA Store   Coupon code at checkout: 36HOUR10%   Ends tomorrow (Sunday 28th), at 11:59pm
  13. denim

    Khaotik Enclosures Are Back!

    We are proud to announce that we have teamed up with Fisher Customs to bring this company back from the grave. We will have 9 total designs that are hand built to order, users choice of carpet and highlight color, lead time will be 2-3 weeks at the current moment. They should be ready to order...
  14. denim

    New Sundown Audio Product photo's.

    Mark has been working on new product photo's for new Sundown Audio products. Continuing to show why the SSA Store is and always has been the ONLY place for your Sundown Audio needs online.
  15. denim

    Sundown February Sale : "E" and "NeoPro" Series

    MODEL // REGULAR MAP // SALE PRICE   E-8 v.3 -- $95 -- $80 E-10 -- $105 -- $85 E-12 -- $110 -- $90 E-15 -- $130 -- $105 Sub Woofers - Sundown Audio - E Series - SSA STORE   NeoPro-6.5 -- $99 -- $69.99 NeoPro-8 -- $105 -- $74.99 NeoPro-10 -- $129 -- $89.99 Speakers - Sundown Audio -...
  16. denim

    Tax-Season Coupon

    We are running a coupon through till the end of March for 10% off the following brands in the store:   Ascendant Audio Boston Acoustics Mechman Alternators Sound Solutions Audio XS Power   Happy shopping  
  17. denim

    2012 JVC Mobile now on the SSA store!

    We are expanding our offerings on the SSA Store, and JVC head units are the latest addition.   Check them out here: Head Units - JVC Mobile Entertainment - SSA STORE  
  18. denim

    SSA Customer Rewards Program

    Here is how it works: You purchase a brilliant SSA Dcon 10D4. Once the order is processed, we will place 10% of the Dcon 10D4 purchase price (NOT TOTAL SHIPPED PRICE) on your SSA Store account as SSA Store credit. It looks like this: ~ $114.99 purchase price of SSA Dcon 10D4 from initial...