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    Fs/ft: Re srx 10 d2

    Item(s) for Sale or Trade: RE Audio SRX10D2, I purchased this sub new and had it installed in my truck for less than a month. 300 RMS wasn't enough handling for the output I wanted so I upgraded to the SÈX10D4. This sub sounds good in a 0.97 net ported enclosure tuned to 26.5 Hz but since I'm...
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    help me pick some nice sub(s)

    i drive a 1999 eclipse and currently have 2 10 inch xplods in there (Lol). Im looking for something a little better sounding and lot better hitting. The amp i have is a vibe 268 2000/1000w rms claimed power (2x30a fuses). Im lookin to get 1 or 2 12s but space is somewhat limited as the trunk...