1. Wildcat420

    6.5 Midrange advice on speaker specs

    Hello all has anyone used these by chance? Looking to replace some old alpine 610c sps 6.5 comps. My amp can push 200 watts rms x 2 any suggestions on alternatives also appreciated.
  2. trunk specs

    trunk specs

  3. trunk specs

    trunk specs

  4. trunk specs

    trunk specs

  5. trunk specs

    trunk specs

  6. R

    Hifonics Thiele And Small Parameters for 15" brutus

    i was wondering what the following parameters are for the BRZ15D4. i have two of them wired in parallel (if that makes a difference). i need the folowing parameters for the subwoofer. Qts vas Fs Re Le Xmax Z Qms Qes SPL Pe BL Dia SD thanks a lot