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    amp and 2xSW, two general hookup questions

    The 5-channel amplifier: Pioneer GM-D9605 From my HU 3x amp preouts (3x2: A, B, SW). Door Pair A 4 Ω and Back Cab pair B 4 Ω; and two of these: JL Audio 10W0v3-4 (10-inch SW SVC 300W 4 Ω). Q1: Can I do that with this amp and those two JL SW's? Q2: Wire the SW's in parallel?
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    looking to build a box for 2 RE SXX 12's feedback please!

    Re audio SXx 12" 1000W rms 4 ohm dvc so i went on the website for the subs and found the box should be tuned to 33hz which i have no idea how to do (problem 1). the optimal space is 2.0 ft^3 per chamber. is that before or after displacement of the sub? (problem 2) the rough dimensions that i...
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    Jl 12w3v3-2

    ok guys hows everyone doing im new to this website and this is my first post i really need some help. i just purchased i jl12w3v3-2. im running a quantum audio amp to it model number qa1800d its giving it 900 watts it says anyway.. well the question is about the box i have it in i have it in a...