speakers cut off

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    All four car speakers stopped working, but my subwoofer still works.

    I am currently driving a 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix. I drove my car for about two hours today with no problems whatsoever. Once I got in the car to head out for a quick errand tonight, I found that all four of my speakers were not working, but my subwoofer was hitting. I have a 10 inch Diamond D3...
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    Speakers cutting out!

    Greetings, FNG here! I just joined to gain some knowledge concerning an issue I'm having with a new installation. I installed a Pioneer DEH-X3900BT CD receiver in a GMC Savanna. I used an adapter to connect to the factory wiring harness. I also installed (2) JBL GTO638 6.5" 3-way speakers in...
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    speakers and sub keep goin out please help

    Here is my situation I have 2 10s a 2000 watt amp and a hi's amp I came across a bazoka amp and decided to hook it up to 3 10s I had sitting around. I hooked it all up and it pounded for a few minutes then it all went out. I think I fried the bazoka amp cuz it gets no power now. But now with my...